Iron Horse
By: Beck Hansen
Written by: Beck Hansen

  1. Iron Horse
Iron Horse [Version (a)]:

Your iron horse is running
Your iron horse is running
Your iron horse is coming
It's sixteen coaches long

Stand up
Turn it around
?? burying ground
Digging the impossible
Pound for pound
?? here

and off the floor
Take another look from the killing floor
?? door

Your iron horse is running
The Song:

"Iron Horse" is a song Beck did in 2011. He appears to have done it for the TV show, Sons Of Anarchy. A snippet of it can be heard in a commercial for the show.

A full version was initially reported as going to be on the show's soundtrack, but that never materialized. A full version has not been heard by fans. (Anyone who works at Sons Of Anarchy want to hook me up?)

Beck also registered a couple of other tracks to the copyright database around the same time. Two of these were "City Of Refuge" and "Jacksontown," while unheard, use common blues phrases/locations as titles. Because of this, I've assumed that all three were given to Sons Of Anarchy, but only "Iron Horse" was used. (That's just an educated guess, don't quote me on that.)

What I do know of the "Iron Horse" lyrics is just that: he uses some common blues phrases, but written about a motorcycle (an iron horse). The famous "Mystery Train" was "sixteen coaches long," which Beck (sort of nonsensically) sings of the iron horse here. Other references seem to be to the burying ground (see "Farewell Ride") and a killing floor. Very common images in the blues.