Fuck-Up Session #2
By: Beck Hansen, Mike D., Thurston Moore
Written by: Beck Hansen, Mike D., Thurston Moore

Live Versions:
  1. Fuck-Up Session #2 (1:40)
    Recorded at: MTV
    Thurston Moore: Guitar (Electric)
    Beck Hansen: Noise
    Mike D.: Vocals
Fuck-Up Session #2 [Live version (a)]:

P is for the people that don't understand
How one homeboy became a man
S is for the way they scream and shout
One by one I knock 'em out
K for the way my DJ's kuttin'
All you funky people can't say nothin'

Ah yea
There we go
My man Beck in the house
Gonna do it like that
Know what I'm sayin'

The Song:

Beck was on MTV's 120 Minutes back in early 1994. This was a week or so before Mellow Gold was released, but "Loser" had already made him pretty known. Thurston Moore interviewed him, and they were totally screwing around. It's terrific, watch the clip on the Hijacked Flavors page.

Halfway through the interview, Mike D from the Beastie Boys came out and the three of them ended up making some noise as Mike D freestyled (including one line that Beck stole 12 years later for "Cellphone's Dead"!).

I'm not real clear what that noisy little instrument electronic thing is that Beck plays.


Played live once:
February 20, 1994